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As others have stated, pseudofolliculitis barbae can be a service connected disability. As others have also noted, this is most commonly rated under DC 7806 (Dermatitis). The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) is currently considering the regulatory language of DC 7806 The VA rates flat feet as per the 38 CFR § 4.71a, Schedule of Ratings, Musculoskeletal System, with the diagnostic code 5276. Through the rating criteria in this code, the VA will evaluate your symptoms and give you a rating on a scale of 0% (mild disability) to 50% (pronounced disability). Mild—VA Disability Rating: 0 CFR. prev next. § 4.118 Schedule of ratings - skin. (a) For the purposes of this section, systemic therapy is treatment that is administered through any route (orally, injection, suppository, intranasally) other than the skin, and topical therapy is treatment that is administered through the skin. (b) Two or more skin conditions may be. Part of my claim is for an incresed rating for PFB for scaring and lesions presently rated at zero %. The VA doesnt want to take PFB as a serious condition, yet they have no problem rating acne-kind of a double standard How VA Rates Skin Conditions . VA rates skin conditions under 38 CFR § 4.118, Diagnostic Codes 7800-7833. A number of skin conditions are rated based on the amount of skin that is affected. VA's rating schedule proposes two ways to determine this: calculations and estimations

Twenty Year Rule) If your disability has been continuously rated at or above a certain rating level for 20 or more years, the VA cannot reduce your rating unless it finds the rating was based on fraud. This is a very high standard and it's unlikely the rating would get reduced A 100% disability rating denotes a medical condition that is completely and totally disabling, with no expectation of finding gainful employment. As of 2021, if a disabled veteran with a spouse and no children has a 100% VA disability rating, he or she would be entitled to a monthly disability compensation payment of $3,321.85 Rating Major Minor Note (1): When an evaluation is assigned for joint resurfacing or the prosthetic replacement of a joint under diagnostic codes 5051-5056, an additional rating under § 4.71a may not also be assigned for that joint, unless otherwise directed. Note (2): Only evaluate a revision procedure in the same manner as the original procedure under diagnostic codes 5051-5056 if all the. Sleep disorder, including apnea; Entitlement to a rating of 60 percent for pseudofolliculitis barbae and tinea versicolor, to include the propriety of the reduction from 60% to 10% [REMANDED] Citation Nr: 18131262. Citation Nr: 18131262 Decision Date: 08/31/18 Archive Date: 08/31/18 DOCKET NO. 15-11 379 DATE: August 31, 2018 ORDER As new and.

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About VA disability ratings. We assign you a disability rating based on the severity of your service-connected condition. We use your disability rating to determine how much disability compensation you'll receive each month, as well as your eligibility for other VA benefits. If you have multiple disability ratings, we use them to calculate. The Skin. 4.118 Schedule of ratings—skin 4.118-1 §4.118 Schedule of ratings—skin. (a) For the purposes of this section, systemic therapy is treatment that is administered through any route (orally, injection, suppository, intranasally) other than the skin, and topical therapy is treatment that is administered through the skin VA presumes that certain disabilities were caused by military service. This is because of the unique circumstances of a specific Veteran's military service. If a presumed condition is diagnosed in a Veteran in a certain group, they can be awarded disability compensation The Veteran's pseudofolliculitis barbae disability has been assigned a noncompensable rating since September 9, 2009, and a 30 percent disability rating since April 6, 2010 If you have what the VA considers superficial acne, no matter how much of your body it covers, the only rating available is 0%. A 0% rating will not entitle you to disability compensation but will make you eligible for health care and other benefits. Other compensable skin conditions include skin infections, psoriasis, and acne

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The VA rates Irritable Bowel Syndrome under 38 C.F.R. 4.114 diagnostic code 7319 for Irritable Colon Syndrome (spastic colitis, mucous colitis, etc.). The VA characterizes IBS as mild, moderate, or severe under the rating criteria and includes symptoms to help figure out which rating a veteran's IBS falls under Do not claim lab results like hematuria (blood in the urine) or high cholesterol. The VA does not pay for those either. On the other hand, you should claim pseudofolliculitis barbae (a skin condition that affects some black people). 3. If private providers have treated you, get the records and send them to the VA. While the application you fill. Skin Conditions Overview The VA awards disability compensation for Skin conditions that are service-connected.The DoD will also rate service-connected Skin conditions as long as they also make the service member Unfit for Duty.For Reservists, Skin conditions must have occurred in or resulted from an injury in the Line of Duty to qualify VA is in the process of completely updating the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities, commonly referred to as the VASRD or Rating Schedule, for the first time since 1945.The latest rating schedule related to skin went into effect Monday, Aug. 13, 2018. No conditions were removed from the new rating schedule for skin conditions

5. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae - a common condition of the beard area occurring in men and other people with curly hair. The problem results when highly curved hairs grow back into the skin causing inflammation and a foreign body reaction. Over time, this can cause scarring which looks like hard bumps of the beard area and neck. 6 On August 12 th, 2016, the VA published their proposed changes to the ratings of the Skin (including Scars).This is the seventh set of changes that has been proposed as part of the VA's complete rewrite of the VASRD which is supposed to be done by the end of 2016, but has been significantly delayed. Previously published changes include the Hemic and Lymphatic System, Mental Disorders, the.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae va disability rating keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related Pseudofolliculitis barbae dbq. Pseudofolliculitis barbae va. Pseudofolliculitis barbae army Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a skin condition where the hair follicles swell and produce a The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposes to amend the portion of the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD or Rating Schedule) that addresses skin conditions. The purpose of these changes is to incorporate medical advances that have occurred since the last review, update current medical terminology, and provide clear evaluation. Introduction. Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) also known as shaving bumps, sycosis barbae, and traumatic folliculitis of the beard, is an inflammatory disorder of follicular and peri-follicular skin resulting from ingrown hairs due to hair removal. 1-4 It is characterized by the development of itchy papules, pustules, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Dr. Margareth Pierre-Louis is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Twin Cities Dermatology Center. Dr. Pierre-Louis has cared for thousands of pati.. Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a chronic inflammatory skin condition caused by ingrown hairs. It's most often triggered by hair removal, particularly shaving, because shaving cuts the hair into a sharp tip that can more easily penetrate the skin as it grows. Pseudofolliculitis barbae commonly develops in the beard area of men, but it can occur in.

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  3. Many veterans have heard that VA Disability rules allow for an automatic 50 percent disability rating for PTSD. However, there are actually no ratings for PTSD that are considered automatic, because any veteran diagnosed with PTSD must meet specific rating criteria that is based on their level of social and occupational impairment as a result of their condition
  4. PFB VANISH is a unique, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated to aid in the relief of ingrown hairs and razor burn/bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.GUARANTEED

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  1. The VA divides the rating criteria for TBI residuals into 10 categories. Veterans are rated based on the level of severity and impairment in each of these areas: Memory, attention, concentration and executive functions, including: goal setting, planning, self-monitoring, and flexibility in changing actions when they are not productive
  2. The VA has tiers of medical coverage, which largely depend on the extent to which a veteran is disabled. The VA rates disabilities, sort of like a point system. The more conditions you have, the higher the rating will go. However, VA math is not like real math. The higher the rating goes, the more the monthly compensation amount
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VA Disability Ratings for Rhinitis. Rhinitis is under the respiratory system, according to the VA. It is under the Code 6522. There are two percentages: 30% - Rhinitis is consistent, and there are certain growths in the tissues; 10% - No growth, but at least 50% of passages on both sides or 100% on one nasal passage blocked Disability rating decreased to zero after attempting to increase. This happened about a month ago and I'm getting ready to begin the appeals process with a VA rep. I'm a full time student with 2 toddlers so finding time to start the appeal is a little tough at the moment. So long story short, I began receiving 30% for eczema roughly 2 years ago City Rating Between 2005 and 2010, the city of Sevilla, Spain created a 120-kilometer network of protected, on-street pathways, removing 5,000 parking spaces along the way. Sevilla's focus and ambition resulted in a cycling network that forever changed the landscape of the city and increased cycling trips five times over Pseudofolliculitis Barbae is a prevalent skin disease in the Armed Forces. A better understanding of the disease and patients' individual needs by the health care provider and commander is paramount. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae in the U.S. Military, a Review Mil Med. 2020 Oct. On July 28, 2017, VA published in the Federal Register the proposed rule for Schedule for Rating Disabilities; The Genitourinary Diseases and Conditions. See 82 FR 35140. During the internal review process of the final rule, VA found that an erroneous value and unit of measure were inadvertently included in the albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) in.

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  1. Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a foreign-body inflammatory reaction surrounding ingrown facial hairs, which results from shaving. It can also occur on any body site where hair is shaved or plucked, including axilla, pubic area, and legs. It is also known as shaving rash or razor bumps. Folliculitis barbae and pseudofolliculitis barbae can co-exist
  2. der: The VA will give a Military Disability Rating for each service-connected condition a service member has, but the DoD will only rate service-connected conditions that make a service member Unfit for Duty.. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is always rated on the symptoms and conditions.
  3. PFB Vanish with Chromabright was 45.9% more effective than Kojic acid and Hydroquinone. ' Perfect for Dark Spots in: -Inside thighs & bikini area -Under Arms 7,193 global ratings. 5 star 68% 4 star 14% 3 star 9% 2 star 4% 1 star 6%.
  4. Citation Nr: 1736675 Decision Date: 08/31/17 Archive Date: 09/06/17 DOCKET NO. 12-03 206 ) DATE ) ) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Jackson, Mississippi THE ISSUES 1. Entitlement to service connection for a bilateral foot fungus, claimed as jungle rot. 2. Entitlement to service connection for pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)

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VA Ratings For Hearing Loss: The Basics. Hearing loss issues that may be service-connected, and hearing loss issues that are aggravated by military service can be found in the VA Schedule of Ratings Disabilities, also known by the official title, 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities July 1, 2021. Verified. Vet Comp & Pen has been working with me since before the Pandemic. They were able to increase my disability rating to 90%. And they're still not done! A great organization. Easy to work with And were with me every step of the way. Shoane C. June 30, 2021 Apply for and manage the VA benefits and services you've earned as a Veteran, Servicemember, or family member—like health care, disability, education, and more. skip to page content. Attention A T users. To access the menus on this page please perform the following steps. 1. Please switch auto forms mode to off

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Pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) is a common condition of the beard area occurring in up to 60% African American men and other people with curly hair. The problem results when highly curved hairs grow back into the skin causing inflammation and a foreign body reaction. Over time, this can cause keloidal scarring which looks like hard. Shaving Bumps Rating Ask Jim a Question. Search Jim's Mailbag Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits who is also editor and webmaster of the popular VA Watchdog website. Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae can. If you are still in uniform get the diagnosis before the end of your term of service. Under the VA carpal tunnel syndrome can be found in CFR 38 Part 4 the VA Schedule of Ratings. The rating will depend on how severe the condition is or if you have it in both hands. Having it in both hands the VA would consider a bilateral rating

Pseudofolliculitis barbae decrease in rating. Vetsbenefits.net DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 67. Pseudofolliculitis barbae decrease in rating; Recently, I received notice from the VA that my rating was decrease from 30% to 10% effective 08/2015 even though this rating was in effect for 5 years; The VA did not inform me the rating was under review The program is called the Joint VA/Department of Defense Disability Evaluation System (DES). You will undergo a physical exam and will receive a rating decision for each disability claimed. Some ratings may be zero, but still service connected. Later, if this disability becomes worse, you may file for an increased rating If you've submitted a disability compensation claim to VA for a dermatological disability related to your skin, hair or nails, you may need to attend a VA cl.. va form oct 2012 . 21-0960j-4. urinary tract (including bladder and urethra) conditions (excluding male reproductive system) disability benefits questionnaire. 1b. provide only diagnoses that pertain to urinary tract conditions of the bladder or urethra: 1a. does the veteran now have or has he or she ever been diagnosed with a condition of the. These rating percentages help claim examiners determine whether you may qualify for monthly VA disability for hypertension benefits. If your combined disability rating's 30% or higher and you have a spouse, child or dependent parent, then the VA may increase your monthly payments

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The VA takes the auditory test results and, using a numerical formula, determines the actual rating to assign. This formula is laid out in Section 4.85 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Typical ratings for hearing loss are 0% or 10%, but severe or profound hearing loss can qualify for a higher rating 1) the Veteran needs to let the VA know that he disagrees with the decision of the VA Regional Office, and 2) the Veteran needs to know that he intends to appeal the decision. I have found it helpful for the Veteran to identify what part(s) of the Ratings Decision he or she disagrees with and why, as a more thorough and well written NOD can. pseudofolliculitis barbae va disability rating business alternative to desktop and laptop computers. You can take them everywhere and even use them while on the go as long as you have a stable connection to the internet. Therefore, the signNow web application is a must-have for completing and signing va form 21 0960f 2 on the go Tinea barbae and PFB can both cause an itchy beard, for example. Tinea barbae is a fungal infection of hair-bearing areas and can look very similar to PFB on visual examination, he says Edward Stolar, MD. 59 reviews. Dermatologists, Skin Care, Laser Hair Removal. Downtown. 1712 I St NW, Ste 712, Metroderm DC. , Washington, DC. He prescribed an ointment and told me to call him in a few days to let him know the progress and how we would proceed from there. In 2 reviews

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L73.1 is a billable diagnosis code used to specify a medical diagnosis of pseudofolliculitis barbae. The code L73.1 is valid during the fiscal year 2021 from October 01, 2020 through September 30, 2021 for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions. The ICD-10-CM code L73.1 might also be used to specify conditions or terms like pili incarnati. The law doesn't permit payment for these. Don't claim lab results like hematuria (blood in the urine) or high cholesterol. We don't pay for those either. On the other hand, you should claim pseudofolliculitis barbae (a skin condition that affects some black people). 4. If private providers have treated you, get the records and send them. Morgan is a firefighter with pseudofolliculitis barbae. All personnel must be able to wear tight sealing respirator masks. Because facial hair can impact the effectiveness of the mask's seal, Morgan is told he must remove his beard. He goes to HR to request an accommodation One primary treatment is to stop shaving. Embedded hairs spontaneously release after about one centimeter of growth, Dr. Alexis said. This process can take up to 2 months, he said, but military studies dating back to the 1970s showed that the vast majority of pseudofolliculitis barbae cases resolved when service members stopped close shaving practices According to the VA guidelines, you may receive a disability rating of 10% to 60% for hypertension: 10% rating -When your diastolic pressure is 100 to 109, or your systolic pressure is 160 to 199. 20% rating -If your diastolic pressure is 110 to 119, or your systolic pressure is 200 or higher

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Secondary Conditions are disabling injuries, illnesses or diseases that may be caused or aggravated by your . existing service connected conditions. Nomenclature is very important when working with VA so it helps for you to understand the language.. The term condition is used to describe any physical or mental health problem you may have Pseudofolliculitis barbae. L73.1 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes. The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM L73.1 became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of L73.1 - other international versions of ICD-10 L73.1 may differ

Home - My HealtheVet. COVID-19: General. Walk-in vaccinations are now available, or call your local VA medical center to make an appointment. Pharmacy Refill your VA prescriptions, track delivery, view a list of your VA medications and other details. Read More Pseudofolliculitis barbae. Razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) affects men with curly beards. It develops when shaved hairs curve back into the skin, leading to inflammation. Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of health topics Specialties: Full body waxing for Leesburg and surrounding areas Established in 2018. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry. I've worked in many aspects of it. After getting into waxing, I realized that THIS is the business I want. I feel good when people feel comfortable and confident. That's what I strive for. I promise to do my best to make you feel that way PFB is a skin condition caused by close shaving resulting in clusters of dark bumps, scarring, and marks and can be disfiguring, which is why the VA considers it a VA Disability. Tune in to hear Robin and Sara speak more about PFB and see if you may qualify for VA service connection- https://bit.ly/3xufFw VA Pharmacy Benefits Management Services, Medical Advisory Panel, and VISN Pharmacist Pregnancy Rating . Pregnancy Category D . Executive Summary . Efficacy in Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) (TOI-PFB) is a composite of PWB, FWB and BCS domain

Goodmorning will the va give you two ratings if you having both shaving skin conditions acne/chloracne and pfb. Thank you. You can only get one rating per approved service connected condition, but you can also receive a rating for a separate secondary condition caused by the primary condition, thus two ratings Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) Barber's rash or razor bumps. Radiculopathy: Shooting pains, numbness, etc. In both upper and lower extremities. Removal of the Ovary: It's gone. Removal of the Uterus: It's gone. Rhinitis: Sinus (nose issue). Scarring: Scars. Sleep Apnea: Difficulties breathing at night. Tachicardia: Abnormal heartbeat Once the Board grants service connection, it sends the case back to the Regional Office for the VA to issue an implementing rating decision where it assigns a rating and an effective date. When this happens the veteran will receive another rating decision with a letter explaining what his benefits will be. The past due benefits check will. VA North Texas Health Care System (VANTHCS) is the second busiest VA system in the nation and we are growing! Comprised of the Dallas VA Medical Center, Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham, Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic and Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic, VANTHCS is an integrated health care system with approximately 4,000 employees and.

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[A] young Black G.I. recently had a bar to re-enlistment instituted against him, only because he had a profile authorizing him to wear a therapeutic beard for PFB, wrote Maj. Alvin Alexander. The VA is really backlogged, and it's necessary for them to make deferred decisions. If they didn't, your entire claim would take much longer. If you get a deferred decision, don't get discouraged. It's important to follow up on it though. This is one of the reasons so many Veterans turn to va disability lawyers for help with their claims

At VA, only one active, unrestricted state license is required to practice in every VA facility across all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories #2. Since your MOS was as a pilot, you were exposed to a loud-noise environment. In most cases, tinnitus is granted. But, yes, there's a but.Recently, the VA ratings schedulers have been denying tinnitus claims to Flight crew members, Engine room personnel aboard naval ships, artillery personnel, etc At Veteran Rating, we ensure ALL of your service-connected disabilities are claimed by providing an in-depth review of your medical records. Veteran Rating works directly with our affiliates and connects them with Veterans nationwide! They will provide you with generalized guidance throughout your entire VA claim process 20. Highlands Log Structures. 26289 Harrison Road, Abingdon, VA 24212 Contact. Winston and Pamela Johnson run this Abingdon-based firm, which started by hand-crafting logs for locals. Today, the company has expanded into a full-service log home manufacturer and supplier that serves every state in the USA

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Easy, breezy. See All Box Fans. Compare. FB50-16H. 20-inch Performance Box Fan White. Compare. FB50-16HB. 20-inch Performance Box Fan Black. See All This series expands upon the strength of the PFB model. Additional thicker layers of steel and fire-resistant concrete prevent forced entry from multiple types of tools. Features triple layers of steel walls consisting of fire-resistant concrete and a layer of fire insulation plus a steel security grid Filing a claim for compensation can be a very tedious task indeed. Even if you do complete the online version of the claim at VA's VETS.GOV website you may find that it takes at least 30 minutes.

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Want a higher VA disability rating? Many veterans service-connected disabilities cause them additional physical problems. Those veterans should often receive a higher disability rating from VA. Unfortunately, many veterans overlook the ways that some of their conditions are service-connected. You need to know the basics of this way to service. The PFB is thus an interesting alternative for assess the quality of the marriage. The aim of this study was to assess the reliability and va-lidity of the French-version of the PFB and to compare th

This rule will be applied to all cases pending before VA on or after, January 16, 2014, and does constitute a liberalizing VA regulation under 38 U.S.C. 5110(g) and 38 CFR 3.114. Apply these principles when determining effective dates and retroactive benefits Tower Models (standard & extended runtime) Available in 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 KVA Rack Models (standard & extended runtime) Available in 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 KVA APC Easy UPS 1 Ph Online Feature The issue is preventing Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Pro) users form digitally signing Adobe forms. It is recommended for users to set and keep Adobe Reader (not Acrobat) as the default, save the Adobe PDF file to the system locally, and open the file with the default. FORM NUMBER. FORM TITLE. NAVPERS 1000/1. PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS BARBAE (PFB) TEMPORARY.

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The claim is submitted electronically by the VSO directly to the VA rating specialist, bypassing the waiting line at the local VA office. So, the main difference between the Fully Developed Claim. Common Secondary Service-Connected Conditions A secondary condition occurs when a service-connected condition, or treatment for that condition, causes or aggravates another condition. That other condition would be secondarily service-connected. Peripheral Neuropathy Secondary to Diabetes Mellitus Type II Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the peripheral nerve is damaged. This causes pain. Folliculitis barbae is usually caused by an infection with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) in the beard hair follicles. It can occur in an unshaven beard area, but more commonly affects men who shave. Reinfection is common, especially in people who have nasal discharge, sinusitis or hay fever as bacteria live inside the nose Veterans and Sleep Apnea - The Dept of Veteran's Affairs. Many times the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs (the VA) will let veterans know of sleep apnea classes they can attend where they also pick up any CPAP machines and masks. All veterans will have to have had a sleep study done and sometimes when they fail the study, the journey of making a claim for this war-related health.

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After months of lessons and training, students from Shepard, Richards, and Eisenhower high schools geared up for their first real dives recently at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee. They knew what to do. Chronic Pain and Veteran Disability Benefits. Apart from the more widely-publicized injuries like brain injuries and conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder that veterans returning home from combat duty struggle with, many also struggle with chronic pain. In fact, approximately 50% of all soldiers who return home to the United States. Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) and acne keloidalis nuchae (AKN) are chronic inflammatory conditions affecting hair follicles common in men of color who are genetically inclined to have tightly curled hair. 1 The incidence of PFB and AKN among African American men may be as high as 83.0% and 13.6%, respectively. 2,3 The barbershop represents a distinctly important institution in the African.

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Opinion for 10-43 160 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the consequence of regular shaving of the beard. The skin condition is common among men with tightly curled hair particularly the African-American and those who are dark skinned and have curly hair. The hair is a vital component in making up the appearance of an individual. It generally grows anywhere in the body. Go to your My VA dashboard. You'll find the link for this dashboard in the top right corner of the page once you're signed in. Scroll down to the Track Claims section. There, you'll see a summary of the latest status information for any open claims or appeals you may have. Click on the View Status button for a specific claim

Pseudofolliculitis barbae va rating. Pseudofolliculitis barbae icd 10 code. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Perception pescador pilot 12 parts 1 . Dearborn heaters for sale texas 2 . Irs 2020 extension to file 3 . Doctors at maine medical center 4 Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.) blasted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for a now-scrapped plan to organize an America First caucus in the Republican party focused on Anglo-Saxon values. Dr. Michelle Pittman, MD is a General Surgery Specialist in Minden, LA. She is affiliated with medical facilities Bradley County Medical Center and Drew Memorial Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Pittman to book an appointment

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Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Oppong to book an appointment. Leave a review. Sound Physicians. 1840 Amherst St Winchester, VA 22601. (540) 536-4334. Share. Save. (540) 536-4334. Overview Insurance Ratings About Me Locations G56.23 is a billable diagnosis code used to specify a medical diagnosis of lesion of ulnar nerve, bilateral upper limbs. The code G56.23 is valid during the fiscal year 2021 from October 01, 2020 through September 30, 2021 for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions. The ICD-10-CM code G56.23 might also be used to specify conditions or. We know about one company registered at this address — Rcv Studio, LLC. This address is often written as 6610 10th Strt, Alexandria, VA 22307-6610. The ZIP code for this address is 22307 and the postal code suffix is 6610. 38.77363,-77.054264 are the latitude and longitude of the address location. Monthly rental prices for a two-bedroom unit.